Agneta Munther - Song: Låt dina sinnen få smaka (Swedish version of Taste Me),
Min man och jag (Swedish version My Man and Me)

Alexandra Friedmann - Komm Doch (German version of Sugar Me)

Asami Kobayashi - Sugar Shuffle

Avec meets Q-Tee - Sugar Me

Barry Blue - various including Dancin' (on a Saturday Night), School Love, Miss Hit and Run, Hot Shot, Mona, Billy, Tip of My Tongue, Ooh I Do, Happy Christmas to You from Me, Lover Lovin' You, Papa Do and Boomerang

Bond - Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)

Bones - My One and Only, Baby Don't Make Me Cry

Bruce Johnston - Won't Somebody Dance With Me

Buddha Monk - Dedicated (samples All I Am)

Cardinal Point - Papa Do

Carl Wayne - Hi Summer, My Girl and Me

Cheryl Lynn - Love Bomb

Chris Kelly - House of Cards

Claudine Longet - Sugar Me

Continenal Uptight Band - On the Ride

Dana - Crossword Puzzle, Thieves of Paris

David Hasselhoff

de Gigantjes - Sugar Me

Del Davis - Sugarloaf Hill

Ellie - Tip of My Tongue

Esmaye - Sugar Me

Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids - Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)

Gerard Kenny - Take Back Your Heartaches

Ginette Reno - Dans la Vie Tout s'Arranger (French version of Storm in a Teacup)

Gold - Hearts of Gold

GML Meets Union Jack - Ooh I Do

Guru featuring Bilal - Certified (samples Sugar Me)

Gwen Stacey - Sugar Me

Heatwave - All I Am

Jack Wild - Takin' It Easy, Bring Yourself Back to Me, E.O.I.O

James Last - Rock Bottom

Jayna - Sugar Me

Joan Brown - The Rag Trade

John Christie - House of Cards

Johnnie Wilder, Jr. - All I Am

Klaus Wunderlich - Sugar Me

Lena Zavaroni - Won't Somebody Dance With Me, Hollywood Romance

Lenny Zakatek - I Gotcha Now, So Good To You, Get Your Gun, We Have Gotta Runaway

Manchester United FC - Storm in a Teacup

Marilyn - Sugar Me

Marti Webb - All I Am, Whatcha Gonna Do With Your Freedom?

Martyn Ford Orchestra - Let Your Body Go Downtown, Going to a Disco

Menudo - A Little TLC

Mice - Martian Man

Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Me

Nasia Christie - Sugar Me

Paul Wall

Petula Clark - Taking It On

Ricky Martin - A Little TLC

Sacha Distel - Taking It On

Sam Hui - A Little TLC

Shirley Bassey - There's No Place Like London

Smoove and Turrell - You Don't Know (samples Water)

Solomon King - When You Gotta Go

Stephanie de Sykes and Rain - Golden Day

Tears for Beers - Sugar Me

The Dooleys - Tip of My Tongue

The Fortunes - Storm in a Teacup

The Real Thing - We Got Love

The Spencer Davis Group - Tomorrow Gluggo

Thunderthighs - Central Park Arrest

Tony Blackburn - House of Cards

Twogether - Side by Side

Vera Lynn - Don't You Remember When

Vic Twenty - Sugar Me

Vie - Sad Old Shadow

The Young Generation - Boomerang

Zig-Zag - Sleeping Blue Nights

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