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Other Singles

All Night / Blind Leading the Blind

Rhythm and Blue Jean Baby / Into My Music

Happy Christmas to You From Me / Stick to You (with Barry Blue)

Hug and Squeeze Me / You Made Me Write This Song

Love Bomb / Rainbow

If I Don't Get You The Next One Will / Season to Season

You Give me Those Feelings / Beautiful

Hollywood Romance / Losin' The Blues for You

Tigers and Fireflies / Losin' The Blues for You

Strange Changes / Strange Changes (version)

Air on a Heartstring / Arrival of the Queen (with Horea Crishan)

There's No Place Like London / There's No Place Like London (Karaoke version)
                                                                                            (credited as Lynsey & Friends)


Year Title

1972 Sugar Me, Getting A Drag

1973 Won't Somebody Dance With Me

1974 Ooh I Do, No Honestly

1975 My Man And Me

1977 Rock Bottom (with Mike Moran)

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